You've Changed by Arturo Serra (I want to be a hammond organ!!!)

hey friends here is a video of a trio organ
I think if I born again I want to be a hammond organ!!!
this instrument turn me crazy every time I close them!
I love it!!!!

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Can you talk a bit about your amp system and the vibes model you play on ?
Sounds great. Beautiful playing.

hi dear patrice thanks for the comment
the vibes it is my older m55 musser
and I´m not using amplification
it was the vibes only with a motor on!

yeah i thought that sounded real good! great stuff arturo!

I had totally forgotten you had sent this to me on FB!!! Thanks for posting it here!
Beautiful!! Yeah vibes and hammond rule together, and you have a great rhythm section... and beautiful lines as always!!
Keep it up!
- M

That's heaven!!


yeah nico thanks
buy I love you hammond in holland
this sound great great!!!

Beautiful, thanks for sharing Arturo!

thanks ben I´m glad you like!!
best wishes in your next gigs
( I see your schedule)

Great playing Arturo!