6 Day Workshop At the University of Delaware, July 28 - Aug. 2 2014. Your Own Instrument and Practice Room!


July 28th-August 2rd, 2014

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8 am until midnight, ALL VIBES, ALL DAY!
Dave Samuels, Tony Miceli, Mario Diciutis, Behn Gillece, Christos Rafalides

Mario DeCiutiis, Alternate Mode Inc. President and CEO, will be presenting electronic percussion topics throughout the week, which will include:
•Real World Applications: Broadway Shows, Live Gigs, etc.
•Individual one on one learning the ins and outs of the malletKAT, drumKAT, and trapKAT.
•Discovering the new sound sources of Samplers, Loop Devices and more

(There is a limit of 20 participants for this one-week workshop)

There is NO workshop like this in the world. This is an opportunity to work from morning until night with your own vibraphone, your own practice room and your own piano. That's 96 hours of mallet playing!
There will also be several Mallet Kats as well to work with and in in-depth look into electronic percussion and midi.

We will focus on:
Etudes, Tunes
Electronic Percussion

Here's the schedule for the workshop:

8:00 - School opens
9:30-11:30 1st workshop
12:00 - 2:00 Lunch and Practice time
2:00 - 4:00 Afternoon workshop
4:00 - 6:00 Dinner and Practice time
6:00-8:00 Guest Artist
8:00-12:00 practice time, your time

We will take the first 20 participants, so reserve your spot ASAP!

Dorm lodging is available within walking distance from the music building or you can opt for several motels or hotel close by. The dorms are $29 for a double occupancy and $39 for a single occupancy.

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meaning, you will provide each person with a set a vibes?

just double checking, because they told me they would provide me a set of vibes at the Aebersold workshop a few years ago, and then they didn't.


yes, that's the plan. so far every year we have had a set of vibes for each student. and one year we had 20 students!

so yes, I'm sure you will have a set of vibes. if there seems to be a problem. i'll bring one of mine from home for you! :-)

Thanks, Tony! This sounds like a ton of fun! I appreciate all the positive energy you put into these things!

Should we get a confirmation email after registering? I did so the other day, but just noticed I never got an email. If I go in to modify the booking it asks for a confirmation number. Maybe mine didn't go through?