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Hey Tony,

A few days ago I got a call by some 60 + jazzband and I have a gig with them on the 2nd of november. They're probably not that good, but hey this is a good way to get a tune list going. They sent me a list of tunes, and that's the tunes I'll work on now. an, I love Rhapsody! Just downloaded a lot of versions of different tunes and I can also listen to them offline... Oh yeah, I'll post about that on the site also.

So anyway, I think I'll also do the Vonce Guaraldi etude. It looks a little easier than the joy spring. Although I played through the first two chorusses of joy spring, It' gonna take a while to get it down at recording level... I'll do the other one and I can porbably upload that p¨retty soon.

Anyway, the site is growing and looking good. I love teh fact that pipers so involved!




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