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I had a truly great time at the Ireland workshop - Tony is a master vibraphonist and definitely a missionary preaching the gospel of jazz! I certainly learned a lot from him as well as the other players at the workshop. No man is an island and it is vital to be able to connect with other players in order to grow and mature as a musician. It was quite a blast meeting other mallet players from all across Europe!

I´ve often felt pretty much alone in times past being the other of only two (to my knowledge) dedicated vibraphonists in Iceland, the other being my former mentor, Reynir Sigurdsson, who is my friend and colleague today, a great jazz vibraphonist and always a source of inspiration to me.

Thanks to Tony and I do not feel so much alone anymore - it´s encouraging to be able to connect with other musicians who are just as "weird" as I am to be playing an instrument constantly confused with xylophones and with a name that constantly encourages jokes referring to "vibrators" and so on...well, I assume people will get my drift here....

I´d recommend Tony´s workshop to any mallet player (seriously) interested in the vibraphone as well as jazz - there´s a great practical coverage of jazz theory as well as of everything pertaining to playing jazz and being a jazz musician in addition to vibes "chops" and such.

Thanks Tony!

I also wish to thank John Daly for his good humor and camaraderie in the workshop.

Keep up the good work guys!

Ludvig Kári - Iceland


johndaly Tue, 07/27/2010 - 13:11

Cheers Ludvig, was great to meet you and hang out you were the joker of the pack haha as Tony says post more on the site, 'till we meet again



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