Vibraphonist Jerry Shard

I've been talking to someone I met on facebook about her father Jerry Shard. He played trombone and vibes. One cool thing he did was record a tribute record to Adrian Rollini. So he must have known quite a big about Adrian. It would have been great to be able to talk to him! Here's the email his daughter sent and I'll Include photos and a video of him playing drums and trombone. I'm trying to get a recording of him playing vibes.

Jerry shardJerry shard


I'm sorry it took so long for me to get back to you.....I'm sure if I say I've been busy you'd laugh because you are probably twice as busy with your music, travels and vibraphone website.

I am enclosing Dad's obituary to fill in some details. He was also with Frankie Masters Band.

Dad's "main" instruments as far as I can remember were always the trombone and "vibes."

He could play just about any instrument, and it was entirely self-taught. He also composed and arranged music. He was with Joe O'Brien at MetroMedia on live radio in the late 40's early 50's.

Around 1950, he and my older brother and I were on a televised talent show called "Live like a Millionaire." My brother played piano and accompanied me while I sang a little song. Then Dad performed, separate from us, on the vibes and chimes (I don't think he played his trombone for that performance). Other kids performed, and then their parent or parents did the same. WE WON!

Dad, Allan Hanlin and Dick Romoff were "The Jerry Shard Trio", also in the early 50's, playing at the Picadilly Circus Bar in NYC at the Hotel Picadilly. Hence, at one time he called the trio "The Picadilly Trio" which is on the Vibe-Rations album.

I came across this old edition of "HiFi Review," and Dad's album is listed on page 106. I think you'll get a kick out of the ads...I remember those old stereo companies!

Here's another link I found in my search: Info on one of Jerry’s CD. Click here.

Jerry Shard's CD PicadillyJerry Shard's CD Picadilly

There's also a listing on Amazon and possibly ebay.

I found through the collectors' frenzy listing that Allan Hanlin was NOT on the Vibe-Rations album...I don't know if he had passed on or just passed on making an album. The guitarist was Bill Suyker, but Dick Romoff was still on bass, as in days of old!

As I wrote to you earlier, jazz pianist, composer and arranger Rio Clemente was influenced by Dad to the extent that he bought himself a set of vibes. I don't know if he still plays them but I heard him about 18 years ago when he first got them.

Don't hate me, but I didn't know who Adrian Rollini was when Dad cut the album (on Urania Records). I see that Mr. Rollini died at age 53, way too young for such an icon.

Dad used to practice the vibes in our basement in Randolph, NJ, but when he performed with his trio, or later on, his band, there were no rehearsals. He would say, "D-flat, This Could Be The Start of Something Big" and they would run with it.

Separate from all this, in 1967 I took a vacation with a co-worker to Puerto Rico. Lionel Hampton (Dad called him "The Hamp") was appearing at one of the local hotels, and we went to hear him. I remember at one point he did "When The Saints Go Marching In" and he led a parade around all the tables. I had a picture but it would take some time to find it, so we'll skip that part.

The next day we had lunch at a different hotel (next to where we were staying) and I wandered into an empty side room where there was a piano. I started "tinkering" (we kids all studied piano, but I never got into jazz, which is what I would have loved)...I can't remember if I even played a tune or just improvised. When I was done, I heard applause...a few people had also wandered into the room.....standing and clapping was HIMSELF--Lionel Hampton. So that's one of my moments, and I love moments in life.

As I said, I copied my brothers here in the event they remember something I may have forgotten. At one point we all had copies of the album but I don't know if my brothers still have theirs, or Mom has hers. I don't have any vinyl at all. I can look through my tapes, as I probably have the album on of my brothers was nice enough to make tapes for us. Some vinyls are available on the internet.

I also saw that some of Dad's 45's for Capitol Records are on ebay.

My son bought an antique "crank up" Victrola and some of Dad's 78 rpm records. A few months ago he played them for my grandsons and explained that they were recorded by Great Grandpa. The boys started dancing. Another moment!

I saw your blog in my search...thanks for the mention!

Let me know if you need any more details, should I be able to recall them!!!

Thankfully we have the internet!!!

Best regards! Support Live Music!

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Thanks for sharing this - I very much enjoyed reading about Jerry Shard. Seems that trombonists want more to carry around with them so they take up vibes also. Thinking of Tyree Glenn whose beautiful trombone sound was supplemented by the vibraphone.

Anyone who wants to hear a fine chimes solo should check out the recording at the bottom of the page "By The Beautiful Sea." About 0:37 seconds in - it's a gas.

There's a lot of history in this page and it led me to check out the HiFi Review magazine from 1959 via the link you provided. If anyone is interested in technology and how what-goes-around-comes-around should check out page 122 (118 in PDF numbering) and contemplate the ad for a review of "Stereo by Satellite." There was the Bose Sound Wave system only in 1959!

Finally, Jerry's daughter mentions Rio Clemente - assuming he's the same Rio Clemente - I've seen him several times at Trumpet's in Montclair where I often have played and he has never asked to sit in on the vibraphone - only the piano - darn! Might be missing something.