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Just want to say, I can't believe how helpful our pop up classes have been for the people participating in them. I see growth with every final performance we do. We work together for about a month and then we perform. That is 5-10 of us perform the same people one after another. What is cool is to watch the beginning and the end.

I should say I can't believe how hard the players involved with our pop up classes are working on the material! That's what's making the difference.

The VW community is really incredible and has grown into something amazing and I think valuable for people who want to learn the vibes. And we work hard at making it affordable.

Our next pop up class will be on the Charlie Parker tune Chi Chi. Dates to come!

This might sound like a commercial, and it is!!! It's been my goal to help vibe players learn how to play the instrument. I think pop up classes are very successful at that, as we are working in a group.


What instruments does this pertain to?

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