New Tune of the Month(s)?

Hi Everyone,

It's about that time to wrap up the TOTMs we've been working on (Ornithology and Peace). Please post ANYTHING you have on these tunes! It can be just the melody, a chord melody, a version with a play along, etc. Since some of you have probably worked so hard on your TOTMs, this is a great way to document your hard work. So attach your versions to this post, or any of the lesson posts for feedback, etc.

Next week, I will start two new tunes, with the same theme, an easier tune, and a more advanced one. I think for the easier tune, I'd like to do Falling In Love With Love, and last month, we had a suggestion for a latin tune. Please post your suggestions, thanks!


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I wish I had vibes to practise and post your lessons. Instead of that I practise ornithology everyday on the piano!

yeah i got a few more to go up.

Just wanted to say...I haven't worked on the current TOTMs one bit, but I dig this idea of two tunes so I'll jump back in on the next set!

Well, TOTMs can be practiced anytime really! They'll be here awhile, haha!

Very true! I'll get to these eventually. So much to learn!