Mini Concert Weekend December 12th - Who's in.

Hey guys how about Dec 12th for a mini concert weekend. Maybe I can schedule a live thing as well that weekend.

What's a mini concert. Three tunes you play in a row without stopping. So you can practice simply that. Playing 3 tunes in a row solo. It's really great and has helped me a lot.

Who's in? That would be a great weekend. It can be audio or video, it doesn't matter at all!

Post your confirmation here!

Access: Anonymous


I am down but maybe I have a problem because that day I am moving out. I'll let you know

I'm in. how does it work? You post it, and then everyone watches at their leisure, and provides feedback?

i'm in too. :)

I need to check the schedule but if I can swing it I'm in.

you make 3 tunes in a row without stopping, as if you're on stage.

you can do video or just audio. and then you post that.

a mini concert is the following.

you make a video or audio of yourself playing 3 tunes in a row as if you're on stage. and then you post it.

so do it whenever you want! just don't upload it until the 12th of December.