Africo Cuban Montuno by Dana Sudborough

This is a little over the top! Clave, bell pattern and montuno. jeeeeez.

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Yes. My silly gimmicks in plain view....

Now if they would just pay me for 3 guys......

I love that vid Dana!
Will you play that kind of stuff at today's hang? ;o)

Thanks for the supportively kind words everyone. I can demonstrate some of my patterns at the hang.

Not over the top at all.

Tony Fontana


That's really cool. Can you please post a closeup of your clave mechanism? Is it attached to the damper pedal?


I am using LP's Gajate bracket and a bass drum pedal to play the clave. It is not connected to the damper but if you look I seem to dampen in clave mostly because I ran out of coordination :)

here is a link to the LP website where you can have the gizmo demonstrated in video by the man himself:

You gassed me with this, Dana ! Call it a "silly gimmick" if you like, I call it an asset. Incidentally, I see you have a Vanderplas vibe. I own one too, a 3-octave. Yours looks like it's bigger. 3.5 ?

Thanks Phillipe! Yes it is a VdP LW40 (4 oct). I have had it for 5 years or so and I love it.

Dana Sudborough

crazy its like watching a drumset with notes!

That's AMAZING Dana!

Thank you!

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Go Dana....tuned and non-tuned percussion concurrently.

Todd Canedy
If you think a drummers job is to keep time; go buy a watch and let me know how that works for ya?

Smokin' brother!


Thanks a lot James, Vaggelis, Todd, Mike and Marie! I really do appreciate your all too kind words.