Upcoming Summer Workshops 2010

Here's a Note From John Daly (Host)

Ok the nearest airport is Shannon 20 min from city next one is Kerry 1 1/2 hrs away buses available cost maybe 20 euro but check www.buseireann.ie/ also accommodation I have a deal done with Jury's Inn for 49euro per night with b/fast single and 58 euro double, dont think you will get anything better than that unless you sleep in a hostel this is the best hostel its 15 mins walk to Academy rooms €27.50 not incl b/fast


Upcoming Workshop In Ireland July 2010

THE DATES ARE SET!!! July 18 until the 21st. This workshop is designed to be inexpensive for members and subscribers on a budget. The workshop will cost €40 a day.



Any susbscribers who attend and want a private lesson can get one for free. For members a private lesson will be an additional €40.

Tony Miceli will be doing this workshop.

This workshop will take place in July of 2010. It's a great workshop because it's very affordable. Hotel accommodations are cheap, the workshop is not very expensive and Ireland is a great hang. It's also pretty cheap to fly too.

We will just work hard for 4 days, that's what this workshop is about!


http://limerickhotels.jurysinns.com/ this is a really nice hotel and it's very inexpensive.

John Daly who sets up this workshop in Limerick wrote:

Single room with b/fast €49
Double room with b/fast €59

These rates are the best you will get and its a hell of a good rate so hope we see a few players come to this great workshop, as Tony mentioned the Academy is only 5 mins walk from the hotel so its a real inexpensive couple of days so lets be havin' some vibe players to the land of Leprechauns and Crocks of Gold and............Guinness of course you all need something to keep your stamina.

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University of Delaware Jazz Vibes Workshop August 1st through August 6th, 2010


Tony Miceli and David Friedman will be doing this workshop

University of Delaware Facilities

Registration Page For Delaware

You'll Have Two Registration Forms to fill out

Go Here for the vibesworkshop registration page.

This will give us some information about you and your playing level.

Here is the University of Delaware Payment PDF to fill out and send in

Please register for this workshop if you are coming.

University of Delaware Workshop Featuring David Friedman and Tony Miceli

University of Delaware: Aug 1st - 6th Worskhop at University of Delaware with David Friedman and Tony Miceli

This is the official announcement of the University of Delaware Workshop with David Friedman and myself.

I'm really excited about this workshop, I think it's going to be incredible.

Here's the some exciting things about the workshop:

  • You will get to spend 3 days with David Friedman and all 5 with me.
  • Going along at the same time will be a xylo workshop featuring Bob Becker from Nexus. I'm sure we'll be swapping classes once or twice during the week. Bob is an amazing ragtime improviser and xylo player.
  • Each student will have his own instrument and practice room for the workshop. This is incredible because now you can work and practice all day and night. Work on the material and then present it.
  • On the final day, we'll have a concert
  • There will be inexpensive housing for students in the University Dorms, right on campus!
  • Dave Friedman will be there!

There is a deadline for signing up for this class and that will be announced shortly. This is a great opportunity to spend an intense week studying the vibes.

For more information GO HERE.

Here is the theatre where our final performance will take place.

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Topics David Friedman will be covering at Feb '10 Workshop

I'll be covering the following topics:

Sound production
Phrasing, with and without dampening
Thoughts on sticking
Practicing concepts
A non-traditional scale approach
Arranging jazz standards for the vibraphone

(I'm glad I'm going! - tm)

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For My Part of the Delaware Workshop

For my (Tony Miceli) part of the workshop I'll cover many of the things that I cover here.

Stride Vibes
Lines (clarity)
Learning Tunes
Playing Tunes in 12 keys (How easy it really is)

I'm always interesting in talking about getting players to break down there playing and see where they are at. This is great for practicing, that is learning how to find where you're at with something and then build on it. Too many players jump right in and build on confusion. To me that's no good.

I'm also interested in talking about musical aspects, the importance of singing and transcribing. I like to talk about ways of coming up with your own studies and etudes on technical things and musical things.

And then I'm open for anything after that. When you fill out the form (link coming soon) I'll ask about what you would like to hear about. And you can also post comments here as well with ideas.

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I'll be there... keep me informed! :o)

- M