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Behind the title, comes a version of Beirut from Steps Ahead, in a 2008 Line-up.

I really love the hardcore (?) version of the head, I really dig the attitude and sound of the guitarist ;-) (I saw him in Paris june 2008) I was waiting all the tune for a rip off rock solo...
what do you think of this version ?
I think this DVD is very valuable... I haven't seen it yet in Fance.


Marie-Noëlle Mon, 03/23/2009 - 18:08

Wow! Thanks Tifoo!!

I had just seen them 2 days before this gig in Bobigny (France)!…

This band is reaaaaly good! It's really great to hear them again, it makes it even clear here!

I truly dug the brasses especially.

The guitarist? Very funny you talk about him. The sound, the playing, the music coming out of him... YES, really good! The attitude? Hmmm... not my kinda. :o) But the sound is so much more important than the image, non?

Well I already talked about it on the old post above.

There are other samples of this gig on youtube. I really like this cool tune, very "Mainieri", and with cool brasses: