Hallo vibes comunity!!!! Has someone of you already been to Pasic?
I'm thinking about going there but i'm not sure if it is worth to spend money for the flight etc....
let me know


it's pretty far to come from germany!

i don't think they do a job representing the vibe world. our world.

anyone disagree? i don't think i would come that far.

that being said, i imagine there's tons of cool stuff and mainieri is playing there.

and i'll be there at the malletech booth, so come buy!

I've been there, and there are some cool new things to see, but it's very geared toward the marching band and academic crowd, which makes sense because that's where the money is. I did get a chance to see Stefon Harris, and some cool clinics. I also saw Dick Sisto play there. However, if I wanted to get a real vibe experience spending the $$ to become a better player etc. I'd attend one of Tony's workshops. It to me it's more about playing and less about equipment.

Indianapolis is very nice downtown, if you are a race fan you can go to the Indianapolis 500 museum as well. If you look me up and I'm in town I'll buy you a beer (imported, not american beer). I live about 40 minutes away from downtown Indianapolis.

So in my opinion it would be worth it if you were interested in ALL percussion. Drums, vibes, marimba, timpani etc. and you want to rub shoulders with some guys like Mainieri, and Jeff Hamiliton (Drummer) the it may make sense to go. If you are focused primarily on Vibes, that's a little more difficult decision.

Again please view this as just one guy's opinion.