Omega Vibe has arrived...

Newer member to the site...I wanted to share that my long-awaited Omega Vibe has arrived! Two days in and it is a beautiful instrument, wow. Coming from a vintage 60's Jenco, this is a night and day difference, that will take some serious adjusting to, but for the better. Especially the damper pedal, and the fact that the instrument is about 8 inches longer than my Jenco.

Side note, I worked with Dave Stockton from Steve Weiss Music, and he was fantastic. I was able to take advantage of the free shipping and free color bar upgrade promo they were running during PASIC. I actually only heard about the special after I ordered, and Dave and Malletech honored the offer after my order was placed and refunded the shipping.

Looking forward to diving in and taking advantage of the awesome material out here. Also, I took a guess on the forum for this post. If there is better home for it, let me know.


Congrats on your new vibe! What color bars did you choose? :-)

Thanks I appreciate it. I went with red. I was tempted to try something a bit more funky but had read that outside of a few popular colors (red, gold, green, and silver) the results were kind of mixed.

Nice!! Agreed, Dave at Steve Weiss is awesome. He answered about a thousand of my questions when I was buying one this past summer. You'll love it.

Same here. I had a ton of questions and it was quite the leap of faith to pull the trigger on it without (gulp) ever actually having played one.

ahh you are in the club. I think we should start an omega club, and find all the guys on the site with an Omega. we can hang!

I'm game for that. Really glad I made the decision :)