Notes/bars hitting each other

Hi everyone!

I was wondering if anyone has advice on how to sort a problem that i have with my vibraphone. Its a yamaha yv-2500 and in the top octave for some reason some of the accidentals touch the 'natural' bars and when you hit them you get a really nasty metal on metal sound. I've tried moving the bars and around and they keep slipping back to that position where they touch. Anyone encountered this before, got any advice/suggestions?


I have seen this problem before but without looking at your vibe I can only give you some general advice.

It may be a simple matter of your cord being loose. Check to see if the chord is seated deeply into the hooked posts. If it is not, pull the stings at the spring end tighter (or better yet have a friend do it) an push on the damper and see if the bars pull apart. You can re-tie the knots into the spring and get them tighter.

Second, see if all your wood bracing underneath your bars is tight. Loose parts may be to blame.

If it's not the string or loose parts, then it's likely either your frame is warped or you have bent posts. Was your vibe dropped or moved for a gig lately. It is possible to do some checking by gently pulling on the frame rails to see if the bars move back to where they belong. A fix here gets a little more involved. Another test to look for bent posts, with your chin at vibe level, and looking from the high side of the vibe look down the posts with one eye. (like you are sighting down a gun sight) See if any of the posts don't line up from side to side. It is possible to rebend or replace your posts, BUT I DON'T RECOMMEND THAT YOU DO THIS YOURSELF. If you blow out the wood around the post, you have caused some MAJOR damage. Depending on where you live, you may have a repair place where you can take it.

-- I hope this helps.

Hello I just came across an old set of Slingerland vibes in pretty good condition. But it is missing the B note next to the middle C .I was wondering if anyone would know where i could find that note or if there is somewhere to got one made. Your help will be greatly appreciated.

I believe Slingerland is a Deagan.

Contact Century Mallet to see if they have any in stock. The owner worked for the Deagan company.

Fall Creek Marimba makes bars also. Prices listed at the bottom of:


Update: Slingerland might also be a Jenco: