Musser M58 Piper Vibe versus M55

Hello Nico,

Even though you are not the manufacturer of these products I was wondering whether you could ( given your expertise )comment on the major differences between the MUSSER M58 Piper Vibe and the M55 .

Thank you.

I won't offer my personal thoughts here.

Differences are:
M55 weighs less
caster on the M58 are way better
M58 has heigt adjustable resonators, so character can be adjusted
M58 has a differend type of barposts, some prefer the M55 posts over the M58.
There is no difference in bars or resonators, other than the applied resonator coating of those of M58, which is way superiour over the M55.
There are a lot of handle knobs on the M58.

You either like or dislike the M58, I haven't spoken with vibists who are inbetween.

The M55 is a simple and as such an efficient instrument.

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tp, i would check out nico's gig vibes with the blue bars. that instrument is purely magical.