Cheap Musser Vibes! $1000!

I am selling an old set of Musser vibes. It appears to be their "Combo" line vibes, except it DOES NOT have a motor, pedal, and is also missing the belt that the motor uses. To fix the pedal problem I tied rope with a loop to the eye bolt underneath and it works like a charm! The frame is foldable and there is a handle on the side so it's easy to transport. Also, ill include my set of Mike Balter vibe mallets. I am located in Vacaville, CA (off I-80, about 45 minutes west from Sacramento or an hour east of sf). You can contact me via email at and I'd be more than happy to send pictures and possibly negotiate a price. BTW, I'm a sax player and am selling the vibes because I need money for a flute. Thanks