Anyone know of source for 1980's M-55 pedal?

My pedal was recently damaged, and I was a bit surprised to discover the pedal is made of pot medal (suprise!)With very very limited options in the repair arena, I'm trying to locate a source for a genuine M-55 replacement pedal. Anybody know of one possibly available for sale?

Below is the part number and the pedal that "should" work, you will have to double check though. Century Mallet may be able to order you one. Fall Creek and/or Steve Weiss may be able to get one as well.

E94963 Pedal assy w/lower plrd (before 1/2/01)

I've been able to get Musser parts reliably and reasonably fast from

Just type the Musser parts number into their search and it'll pop up with the price and availability. They have the parts catalogues on the site too, so you can find what you need. Occasionally it takes them a little while to get the part, but they are usually pretty fast.

EDIT: sorry didn't notice you are looking for an older part. Did they change the pedal assembly system at some point? If not, you're still good.

Also on ebay, I bought one once, it was better than drumsonsale, their stock management system is very bad, I've had orders backordered there several times, and then they'd come up with that old story about someone ''just buying the last one before you''... Probably for other, more in-demand items they're ok. It goes for 155 bucks and needless to say, it's genuine, but it's still probably pot metal! ;)

here's the link