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I have an old Ayotte pickup system for sale. It has 4 rails (2 per side connected with 1/8 mini patch cords)
Has most of the pickups, you may have to buy a few from KK or make them yourself. I have put this on and off the vibes a few times over the years but it never really was something I used much and never gigged.
Some of the Pickups are larger and some are smaller KKs that I bought to replace the broken ones.
It will need to be put back into shape, (easy to do a few pickups and mini patch cords. The rails are in great shape electronically, a little of the black paint is chipped off (I had it custom painted Black)
a few of the L shaped hangers that the rails hang from the Vibe will need replacing (easy) or screw it in and make it permanent.
Has individual volume control screws for equalizing volume on each pickup if one is too hot or not hot enough and i volume knob, one 1/4 inch out.
Great value for someone who wants a good pickup system cheap and does not mind putting together some easy parts.
$400 OBO.


txted Wed, 09/14/2016 - 12:43

Hi, I am an eMallet enthusiast and very interested in your system. Do you still have available?