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How Do I Start to Use the Site?

This has become a fairly extensive site, with a LOT of material. Once you are a paid subscriber to the site, spend a few days just looking around and learning where things are.

The Front Page: This page will constantly change, It's going to feature a lot of the new stuff coming onto the site. The old stuff will scroll of as more new stuff comes on.

Resources: Here's where all the important stuff is, the online books, audio, video and more. In the online books is where all the lessons get categorized. Once a lesson is categorized here it will stay in the same spot.

After this just pick things and work on them, take your time, work thoroughly through something before you move on.

Just don't be overwhelmed with everything on the site, it will be there, so take your time.

Recent activity and recent comments is a good place to check each time you're online. This where you can really get an overview of what's happening on the site, what lessons and articles have gone up and who's saying what!