Hi to everybody coming to the workshop at Niko's in Sassenheim. I'm afraid my "suggestion" to prepare Coltrane's "Giant Steps" sounded a bit too harsh. I shouldn't have said "prepare" these two tunes, but rather check them out. I know "Giant Steps" is a killer and many people feel their not up to it yet. But, hey,no stress. NOBODY is comparing or giving a test. I just thought it might be fun to take this "boogy man" of a jazz tune and demystify him a bit.
"Darn that Dream" is simply one of the most beautiful ballads in jazz history. (Check out Dexter Gordon's record, "Ballads".) I already have a video on YouTube demonstrating some lower register voicings on this tune and I thought it might be interesting to work on a simple solo version of the melody.


See you in Sassenheim.

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