Workshop Sassenheim

I would like to ask the participants to prepare the following two tunes, which I want to concentrate on in depth. In terms of voicings, please prepare "Darn That Dream" in G major.
For lines and linear improvisation, please prepare "Giant Steps".

Thanks. Looking forward to seeing you all on the 18th in Sassenheim!

David Friedman

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couldn´t you have said that last year to prepare giant steps for this year :)?

i wonder if wynton kelly sucked on the original recording if i can do least i don´t think he sucked but i read in an interview with him said he did...

It was Tommy Flanagan on the original recording, and I've often thought about his solo on that. Of course I wasn't there as an eyewitness to history, but my educated guess is that Coltrane laid the chart on him "cold" that day and just threw him a solo. The piano chorus does serve to break up the intensity of the tenor solo and allows the listener to relax for a period of time before Trane comes roaring back in to take the tune out. Trane probably had a lot of time prior to the session to prepare (he had a reputation for being well-prepared from eyewitness accounts of the George Russell sessions), but I think Flanagan did very well considering that a set of changes like that was nearly unprecedented in jazz in 1959.