Vibe Hang is Tonight! Aug 27th!! 7pm (Electronic and Accoustic)

Myself and Mario from Mallet Kat will be online playing and talking with everyone. Mario will play pieces on the Mallet Kat from his studio on MA, and I'll be in PA doing my thing. On future episodes you guys can come on and play also!

I want to start doing 'vibe hangs'. So let's start on the 27th! I'll be here with a bass player, we'll play and take questions. In fact we can all ask and answer questions and hang out.

Anybody with a camera and a computer can hook up and play a tune. Email me if you're interested!

The dates will always be on the calendar. So why not prepare a piece. Even something simple, one of the Friedman etudes or play with an aebersold cd. I can help you get online if you need help.

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