Mike Pinto & Angelo J. Vaglio meet for the first time

Last Friday night, Mike Pinto visited me at thr restaurant that I gig in on weekends and after he introduced himself, I "gave him hell" for not getting there sooner.

All that will say is, "we WOW'd the patrons" jamming the tunes selected. We made some videos that I am sending. Here's one for now and because it take some time to get the others aboard youtube, I'll send the attachments!



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angelo j. vaglio

Third video from last Friday - Mike & Angelo. Two more coming



Angelo I like when you use chords for your melodies or solo (somehow like the piano players).
And Mike.. that's really great !!! :)

By the way, I like these very simple gigs where you play solo with a computer or recorded backing track. We should all try that ! Tony, Is that what you would call a coffee shop gig?

Nico Farrugia

ps : After the TOTM, let's all do the CSGOTM - Coffee Shop Gig Of The Month

angelo j. vaglio

Nico, I definitely want to pass on to every vibraphonist, how I got to play "solo" vibes.
I never thought that it could be done in the way I have been performing for the past 10+ years. I always had at least a Bass and guitar, or guitar and drums, etc., with me in trios. WIth larger groups, there was always a live rhythm section and the thought of a computer was not my "bag" until my great guitarist convinced me to change my thinking. Whenever I play for a large audience, I generally get a vocalist with me and use larger amplifiers.

This is important! My program is not a "recording backtrack, per say", nothing like "Minus one" or a CD. I use the "BIAB" program in my laptop and most musicians say to me that they heard about it but didn't ever use it.
Band-in-a-Box" contains a full rhythm section (bass, piano,drums, strings and melody block for inserting any lead instrument). There are 3000+ tunes, rhythms, in the package, but I add many requested tunes. You can write a new song using the "mouse", change the styles, keys, instrumentation, tempos, etc., to all songs.

The Vibraphone, with the BIABox program in the laptop replaces all solo pianos and offers the audience a larger range of sounds. Also, I used to go out with 7 cases of music books, now no more carrying because all of the tunes are in the laptop. When a request is made for a song, just bring it up and play it. Another thing, many places use a "dj" or a "CD player" and with my set up, I can produce more. Prior to coming to my srteady gig location for the past 8 years, at the prior restaurant, they had a fine DJ but hired me to play when he was off, because I played all requests that the live audience wanted to hear. DJ's play CD"s and the audiences hear the same recordings over and over, but when you work with the BIAbox, you are actually a 'Live band".

IF anyone has any questions on how to get started with BIABox, let me know and I'll be glad to pass on everything that you need to know. Also, a big thing, you can copy all of your lessons from Tony Miceli and the other greats onto the program and you'll havea nice background of selected rhythm that will make your practice sessions "very appetizing".


Man Angelo is "at home", but he knows how to welcome guests (after giving them hell of course)! ;-)
I love Mike's smile!! You're too cute guys! :o)
- M

angelo j. vaglio

Marie, did you listen to the song that I wrote for you? I would like you to get lyrics for it and sending me a video of you singing it (possibly making a CD that be put on the market). This was a nice waltz, but if you want, I can write something for you to sing, with a bounce, latino or whatever. You can copy the song from the video which shows 4 measures at a time.


Yes I did! Sorry! That was a very nice surprise! Thank you so much!

I'll be sending you a mail today. I'm on my way out right now.

- Marie

Going to see Angelo was a lot of fun! He is a great guy and incredibly nice with tons of stories! Also, I got to check out his new ultra light vibraphone frame which is not only crazy light but sounds great. He has a lot of plans for completing the frame and making it super easy to travel with.

Thanks Angelo!

- www.mikepinto.net

if angelo makes that frame he will help the vibe world soooo much!!!! i'm rooting for him.

so mike his instrument sounded good? that's great!

Tony Miceli
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Hey, you guys sound great, two different styles jamming on the vibes always sounds great. And it looked like you guys were having fun.