Good Vibes on the Radio December 2021 Edition

Hey All,
Put December 5th on your calendar for the December edition of Good Vibes. 8pm eastern,
jazzon2. And Dec 8 at 4pm.
There's a sprinkling of holiday/winter tunes, a dash of standards, a dollop of rock and pop remakes on Where Jazz Goes and my always interesting patter. Learn why the theme song from Frasier, played by Gary Burton and Friends, is named "Tossed Salad and Scrambled Eggs."
Shows are also posted after they air on JazzOn2 on Search Good Vibes with Gloria Krolak.
Check out my website at to see my book Jazz Lines and my photographs.
Enjoy Thanksgiving!
Good Vibes

ALERT: We're having a changeover of program directors in 2022. Winifred Howard has been a stalwart of jazz in general and of vibraphone programming in particular and I will miss her terribly. There is a chance the general manager may opt out of the jazz format. If that happens you'll be hearing the last of GK on GV, sad to say.

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