Good Vibes October update -- Terry Gibbs' birthday

Hi Everyone,
October's Good Vibes will air on Sunday, October 2 (8-10pm eastern) and rebroadcast on Wednesday, October 5th (4-6pm eastern). This edition is dedicated to Terry Gibbs, who celebrates his birthday October 13th. I will open each of the first three half hours with a Gibbs recording, and close the two hours with his version of "Flying Home."
I will also be celebrating my son Nick's 27th birthday by playing something from his recent CD, Kensal Road, with the Frank Giasullo Quartet, Giasullo's killing arrangement of "The House of the Rising Sun." No vibes on the recording so I am stepping out of the box for this one. It's well worth a listen. Nick plays the bass.

Other vibes players:
First hour
Chuck Redd
Bobby Hutcherson
Steve Nelson
Victor Mendoza
Bill Ware
Lem Winchester

Second hour
Dany Doriz
Red Norvo
Cecelia Smith
Arthur Lipner
Terry Pollard (on piano)
Cal Tjader
Gary Burton
Stefon Harris with vocalist Kurt Elling

I hope you will tune in and let the station know there are listeners who want the show to continue (the powers that be can tell how many listeners there are electronically, although not those listening through the radio.)
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Sorry I have missed a few Sundays due to other involvements. I definately will listen Sunday, Oct 2nd, so my "tune-in" will be counted. Hoping others will tune in and find out what a great show this is.


There reportedly are over 1500 members of Vibesworkshoppers; we should be able to get a few hundred at least. How about it.
Show some support for the good causes!!

will be tuning in Sunday through the link on this post. This is a wonderful presentation of the variation of vibe artists.

The lineup is superb.


Hi, I'm discovering this nice radio via internet. I'll try to listen goodvibes program (somewhat hard for us from Europe - 2:00 AM ....), but there is something shocking for me : no information at all about who is playing. Making artists be anoymous is "killing" them definitively. And in jazz it's very important to know who is playing in the rythm section, who are the sidemen, when and how the record was made and released, etc... Making a "streaming program" is playing the game of pop tune programs, with artists fading away quickly (no issue with that, this market just need something new everyday for feeding up commercial means - quite different in Jazz area : Sonny Rollins in his mature and old days is very nice to listen to...)
And internet is the perfect place to put thoses infos, just type them !
Interest from the listeners has to be feeded up with news about this little world. Can you really imagine a Jazz fan who doesn't know that one of the best Basie Band's drummer was Jo Jones ? Or that one of the Stan Getz's sidemen was Gary Burton ?
Sorry to be a little bit "hard" about that, but the quality of your programmation deserves a better info about that programmation, IMHO. :o))
Or maybe this info already exist on the site and I did'nt see it... If so, anyway it's not clear or evident...

Thank you for your comments and observations. I want to respond.
I would very much like to announce ALL the musicians, the arrangers and the composers, but there just isn't time to do that. (As the mother of a bass player, I want all musicians everywhere to get the recognition they deserve.) But if I did, some listeners would want less talking and more music. So there has to be happy balance. I would also like to talk about how the song was written, why it was written, for what movie, play, etc., and when but... it is only a two-hour program and I think listeners want to hear less of me and more music. Those who listen, correct me if I am wrong.

Here's a good example. In November I am playing "Nature Boy" by vibist Teddy Charles. The song has such an interesting history with Nat King Cole in 1948 and the composer Eden Abhez. I wanted to talk about Ahbez, called the first hippy, the lyrics about an unusual boy and its message. I had it in the script, but then had to cut it because of time constraints. The choice is then either I talk about this one or I play another vibist's song. And I know which I prefer. I am sorry if you disagree!

That being said, I do try to announce names of quartet, trio members and guest artists as often as I can. On our web site we do list the album title, artist, composer and a few other necessary items (for royalties to be paid) like catalog number. Go to "playlists" while the program is playing and you will see it there. Refresh as often as needed. Computer software dictates what we can put there -- there is no "just type them." I wish it could be that easy! There is a format we must follow on a spreadsheet which we submit to the station. The playlist instructions must be followed exactly or the software will not pick it up. There is no place on this spreadsheet to list all the musicians, which in some cases is a very long list indeed. In the case of Terry Gibbs, he called his big band 15 of his best friends. Can you imagine listing every one? I don't know ANY station or host that routinely does that on the air, interesting though it is.

I announce every song at least once and sometimes twice, before and after. After that, if you like something and want more information, I encourage you to follow up and buy the CD. Like you, I too want to know who played with whom and when. I want to know why or how a song got its name, and I would love to share all that knowledge with you. However, with 29 1/2 minutes in my half hour, I try to make at least 27 of them music. That's 2 1/2 minutes to announce 10 to 12 tunes.

Anonymous? I would never permit that! Nor would artists get paid. And above all I want them/you to be successful and earn money.

Please let me know if you went to the website and found the playlist for the currently playing program, doesn't have to be mine. And if you are staying up until the small hours of the night to listen to my program in Europe, I send you a gigantic thank you!

I think if you can possibly make that effort to listen to this one show, you will greatly appreciate the wide variety of styles presented on the vibraphone, which is specifically the point. This show (only once a month is designed to showcase vibraphone players) and that is what makes the show so unique. Hope you enjoy.

Thanks for your explanations. Sorry if I hurted somewhat, that wasn't my intention. I spontaneously reacted, surely too strong... As a listener I wasn't aware of the organisational subtle diferencies between radio stations over the world... now, after Gloria's answer, I know a little bit more about this broadcast world...
I feel impatient to discover Gloria's show !

we are so lucky to have someone like gloria!


Thanks for the answer ! First, I did search the playlist of actual program on air (Wes Montgomery playing Body an Soul) and I didn't find it. The playlists stops on September 30th. Even going to "others playlist" doesn't work.
Your explanation about the station's instructions is clear and now I understand that the american radio stations work quite diferently from here.
"France Musique" (one station of national radio network Radio France)has jazz programs and they give all the infos (sure, with a big band they give only the main clues - changes, composers, main soloists...). That's interesting, because when a guy appears on the jazz scene that's generally as sideman and step by step you hear about him till his recognition as a full front scene soloist... that makes jazz alive.
We have a non-stop jazz radio too, but I quit listen to it, by lack of infos.
I feel that such musics as Jazz need another treatment since the sidemen participate actively with the artistic creation of the bands. Duke Ellington without Johnny Hodges, Jimmy Blanton, Harry Carney etc... ?
Jazz Video Guy on YouTube makes a very nice work about that, he created a living community. But, sure it's another kind of broadcast.
This topic, how to broadcast jazz, maybe needs to be discussed more with all the people concerned - that's what I think.
Anyway your work to promote vibes is very important and you deserve thanks from all of us !
I'll try to catch your program !
(FYI, I played a gig called "vibrafolies" in Nancy Jazz Festival, with Dany Doriz 20 years ago - 2 vibes and a pianist - lot of fun)

First, thank you for opening up this discussion.
Does "France Musique" announce all this information for each and every song or is it listed on the website? If so, it sounds like a very different radio experience, more like an in-depth news program or a documentary.

Here is how I see it: The average listener tunes in to hear music, he doesn't pay much attention to announcements, especially if they are long. Music is often a backdrop for listeners who are doing something else, unless something grabs their attention. Some listeners will sit back for an hour or two and listen to a program front to back -- which is I hope the case with Good Vibes -- but most do not. For the extraordinary listener like yourself who is steeped in music, you are listening to every song and every announcement and making critical analyses of each. My job is to expose the average listener to music and musicians I think he will enjoy, the familiar mixed in with the new. Maybe he doesn't know what a vibraphone or its history in jazz is so I explain a little of that. Since I am specializing in the vibraphone, I announce every vibes player, sometimes to the exclusion of others on the CD. Anything else, the song's history, who all the other players are, as fascinating as that is, take away from the vibes accent. If I didn't have this specialty, my program would be a bit different, announcing more of the facts you appreciate hearing.

I am going to ask our program manager why the current playlist does not appear and will get back to you. I think it might have something to do with programming that comes in from the outside, as opposed to locally produced. But you wouldn't know which is local and which is not from looking at the website.

If you've listened to Good Vibes you know that I use Dany Doriz' "Good Vibes" as my theme song. What a great tune! I would have loved to hear the concert you played with him.

Lastly, if others have thoughts on what they think a good jazz radio program should and shouldn't have, I'd enjoy hearing them.

PS: Last night's program began about 15 minutes late due to a problem with the switcher at the station. I hope anybody who tried to listen stuck with it long enough to hear Good Vibes come on. My apologies.


It took me a while to find it also. Here's why. When you first click on the site, you see that it is Jazzon2 and to the right by itself are the words "Listen now". If you click there you will go immediately to another small window and the music starts. At this point you are satisfied you have the right site and place to hear the music. BUT....

if you want the programming, it takes a different process. It is involved, in fact too involved for me to verbally describe. It does however, involved clicking on the word "programming" or clicking on that original little window that opens up. Use your imagination and follow the "clues" or "links" and you will get info about the tunes and artist playing. Read the informative links.

BruceW :-)

Bruce, Babu and anyone who wants to listen,
Getting to the music, you have that down. Getting to the playlists means staying on that home page box where you click "listen now." You can have both boxes, the home page and the little one where you actually hear the music, open at the same time. On the left of the home page is a list, the second one is "programs." Click on programs and you will arrive at the program guide with the program playing currently on the top. Click on that and it will take you to the playlist. You can look at other playlists too, not just the one currently playing.

Now, why the playlist does not sometimes appear: It is either late or there might be a technical problem while the show is on, but, please know we're working to make sure the playlist is always presented when available. Certain interview shows, like Marian McPartland's Piano Jazz, Jazz Set and Jazz Profiles won't have playlists. As I said in an earlier post, if the playlist format is not followed exactly there will be a problem with it appearing on the site. It is really a pain in the neck, very time-consuming and a lot like busy work to fill in all the little boxes into the spreadsheet, but it is necessary. Some hosts might not be so conscientious or timely about it.

Babu, this is why I back announce every song -- if someone hears something they like they want to know what it was, what album it is on, who the musicians are. There will never be a tune that is not identified. And I always announce the name of the vibes player, first and foremost, because that is what my show is all about.

I may be a radio host but I am also a radio listener. So when I hear something I like I make a note of the track, album and artist. I keep a note pad in my car for things I hear while driving. I keep lists of CDs I want to buy in the future. Then I go to one of the online sites (and musicians' own sites) and buy a batch. Once I have the CDs in my greedy little hands I can read who all the musicians are and all the other facts that fascinate us. Then there are the Internet searches to dig out more. (I found Tony Miceli accompanying Libby McDowell on "Blue Skies" through a search on Amazon, and I'm playing it in November.) But that's all icing on the musical cake. It's the music that radio is putting out there. Dig it, buy it.

Again, from the listener's side, if I wanted to share something that I just heard with a friend, I would have enough info to do that. "Hey, I just heard about this wild album by Kurt Elling with Stefon Harris on vibes. You've got to hear it. The track is Resolutions by John Coltrane with lyrics added by Elling. Amazing!" That's all announced and that's all I need to take it further. (BTW, I will play this in December's Good Vibes.)

In discussing this issue with my program manager, she agreed that yes, jazz listeners do generally want to know more than the average, but each host has to be comfortable with their level of talk vs. music. Maybe some of our other hosts talk more; try them out and let me know what you think. But if you listen to Bob Studebaker (syndicated, not local), one of my favorite hosts, he is a minimalist. He talks very little and does a super job when he does.

Babu, I love Brazilian music and am a sucker for anything sung in Portuguese, one of the most romantic of languages. I understand you lived and played in South America for many years. Tell us more.

I’m glad you consider my comment as an opening discussion on this topic. In my understanding it’s what this site is partly about.
Promoting your program on VWShop exposes it to a worldwide audience, with different cultural reactions. That’s interesting to compare different experiences.
Yes, there is a kind of listener who doesn’t pay much attention for details or infos about the music he/she is hearing. Now, who is going to spread the word about a good program ? Not him/her (even willing to do, what is he/she going to have to say ? “Hum, I listened some very good music, …don’t remember exactly if it was sax or trumpet, and hem… I don’t know who was playing, …. but, hem, you know,… it was really good!...”). WHO is going to promote the program is the guy able to talk something about : “I listen every day to Jazzon2org, they made me discover a fantastic new quartet with… on bass, man this cat is playing ! and yesterday there were … playing in duo with…, I didn’t now they were playing together ! I love this station, dude, as soon I’m back home I send you the link…” From my experience that’s how it works, and this alive guy is a link in the music’s life as important as the others – musicians, promoters, productors, broadcasts etc… and he needs food in his relationship with music, he needs to be able to make links with what he already have listened to and what’s new for him, he needs to construct his own big picture of music…
Now we have the radio station in one end and the listener on the other, with you in the middle doing the job and doing all your best – passion, dedication, love, etc…. I think it’s the radio station’s responsability to offer you the opportunity and the tools to give all the infos about the music you put in the air. They have to be ambitious about that, they have to understand that music is bigger than a music station, how good it could be ; maybe they aren’t aware that their computer software is insufficient. (could be the case, who knows ? many times softwares are written by non-specialized people who does’nt care much, or after a not-enough (or too quick, or tooshort) thinking, and the things stay like that during times…). Since there is an internet radio with all this files’s stocking capability (without disturbing the program’s broadcast itself), it’s a pity not to have an easy access to the full basic data…imho.
And it’s the high quality of the programmation who drives people like me curious about the details ! Randsom of glory (Gloria) (easy, I know) …
I hope not being too “passionate” , I don’t want to hurt anybody… that topic just interests me… :o)) you know, I’m a big radio fan, and, like you, I’m curious to hear about others’s opinions if any !