Good Vibes January 2021

Hey Everyone,
I hope you are all ready to enjoy the holidays, even if distant from our families and friends this year. It could be worse, right? Keeping each other healthy is what it's all about right now. We've got vaccines coming so that's a reason for optimism.

January's Good Vibes is waiting in the wings. It will air on the 3rd and the 6th. As always, it's a mix of new and old tunes, subtle and noisy (in a good way!), and includes as many of our favorite vibraphone players that I can fit. And that includes Hendrik Meurkens who only plays harmonica on his new album, Cobb's Pocket. A few new-ish albums we're still exploring, Lolly Allen, Steve Nelson (with vocalist Naama Gheber) and Steve Shapiro's newest trio, Tri/O, with Try the Veal.

Don't forget, you can listen anytime on In the search box type in "Good Vibes with Gloria Krolak." I post shows there after they've aired on JazzOn2.

BTW, check out my website and my book Jazz Lines, a great Christmas present.


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