What's It All About?

Hey Everyone,
There's a hard-copy magazine down here in Hilton Head called Local Life. It's a beautiful glossy monthly that is widely read. In the April issue there is an article on me by writer Carolyn Males. Carolyn went above and beyond to learn about the vibraphone before interviewing me and she showed her in-depth understanding in writing it. She came from a musical family but the vibes were totally new to her. It was her idea to include photos of Lionel Hampton and the instrument, which makes it well-rounded.
So, it's not all about me. The vibraphone, as I see it, is the star of the show and it's all about education, education, education. Go online at locallifesc.com. The article is on the first page if you scroll down a bit.
Let me know what you think!

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Great interviewer. She really did her research. Love this question, "[Q] Why the vibraphone rather than the marimba?"


I did a concert and master class in Puerto Rico about 20 years ago with She-e wu and she began her clinic by asking her audience "why do you suppose I chose the marimba to play as my instrument?" I was in the audience so I sat quietly like all the others. As often happens in these settings, no one really wants to jump in and be the first in an audience participation portion so she asked the question again. And, again there was no answer from the audience. Finally on She's third attempt, she asked again, "Why do you think I chose to play the marimba?"... I raised my hand with a bit of a grin and She called on me. I answered with a question. "Was it because the vibraphone was too hard? She laughed and afterward said she'd get even with me someday. LOL. Fun stuff.