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Here's a very impromptu lesson on Woody N You. I haven't played the tune in a while, but I remember really studying it back in the day and I was thinking of some of cool things about the tune after hearing Tjaco bring the tune up.

Here's a little analysis of the tune. Remember work on this in pieces. I think if you listen to the whole thing it might seem a little overwhelming but work in pieces. Harmonically this is a very easy tune.

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tjaco Wed, 10/21/2009 - 21:04

Hey Tony,

I wanted to comment on this when I first listened to it, but forgot, so here I go...

This is really the way to lay the tunes down for everyone. I really think this kind of lessons are amazingly helpfull.

So I threw up Woody N You. I didn't know the tune, well at least I had never played. I just knew it from listening to recordings. So when you posted this, I figured I'd put it on my mp3 player and listen to it on my way to my practice space. So I did. And you know what! When I got to my practice space I could play the tune right away. I feel a little guilty for not transcribing it myself, but I was curious to hear what you had to say about it, and I did think I heard the II-V's all the way down when I listened to some versions, so no harm done.

Anyway the bottomline is that I love how you disect the tunes this way, so keep these going, I think they will be helpfull for a lot of guys out here!

If these are, comment people!! Otherwise Tony won't know what you guys need or like to hear...