Weaving (Full band) - feat. John Daly

Well here it is as promised, wished it sounded better but it was done with camera mic and there are a few dodgy notes here and there. I have audio files from the desk so waiting to get those to listen back. the drummer is Ben Wanders who stood in just for this and he sounds great. be gentle on me ....:)


wow john, that´s so cool listening and seeing you play this hard tune! you did a great job and i bet it was hard work! i hope the rest of the songs you played that evening were less complicated for you :)

respect man!


yep sounds great john! you've come a long long way!

Wow!! Heavy!! :o)

Guys for taking the time to listen and Tarik yes all the tunes were difficult but was on drums for them so a little less pressure. will post one when I get the files


- you create a new jazz festival, as President.
- you set a very high standard playing yourself a marvellous new composition on an instrument which is not your first one
- you jump ten or more steps higher on that instrument on one time
- Mr Daly you're frightening !!!!!

Well done !!!

Long life to the Limerick Festival !

Thanks Babu for taking the time to listen.you make it sound like I am superhuman, most def not but I do like a challenge and this was definitely a challenge. man I was wrecked after it but glad I did it if you know what I mean. I am looking forward to our next festival in Sept 2013 and as for the vibe piece that was tough but also glad I did it.Playing a piece written by a guitar player and trying to master those big jumps with accuracy that was the toughest part. Got me thinking differently after learning this piece, and how much we can achieve with practice.


Great Job John!!

That's some pretty heavy stuff. You played great man. Congrats on the succesfull festival!!


Tj it was a heavy piece but go through it, and the festival went off really well for the fist one. Thanks for listening


That's great. You are becoming a serious vibe pkayer man! Thanks for posting take 3


I started swinging in front of my computer.

Really great.

Thanks Stefan and Dim for your kind comments, some great stuff being posted on the site man its growing into a monster.