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Simple and Practical Ear Training Challenge John Mark Piper Story
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Mind Stretcher for the "advanced player". John Mark Piper Story
Food For Thought tmackay Blog entry
Pentatonic Scales tonymiceli Story
Shapes and Patterns of Music - Volume I John Mark Piper Story
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Theory and Analysis: Putting the Cart Before the Horse?? John Mark Piper Blog entry
Bb-Blues Comping - need help Stefan74 Blog entry
Dampening and Pedaling has MOVED tonymiceli Blog entry
Transcribing via Evolution of Jazz John Mark Piper Blog entry
Response to Pivot Chord Modulations tonymiceli Blog entry
Flying High Transcription BarryK Blog entry
Understanding and/or Teaching Keys and Key Relationships John Mark Piper Story
Sweets Shuffle Etude tonymiceli Story
Sweets Shuffle Etude Chapter tonymiceli Book page
Just the Lead Sheet to Vince Guaraldi tonymiceli Story
Vince Guaraldi Etude tonymiceli Book page
Part 2 of the Etude 'Vince Guaraldi' Etude with Chords tonymiceli Story
Pivot Chords (PDF) tonymiceli Story
Creating the MBrace Part 1 John Mark Piper Video Upload
Vince Guaraldi (Etude) Pt. 1 tonymiceli Story
Lesson On Dampening tonymiceli Video Upload
2 Mallet Technique tonymiceli Video Upload
The Bossa Nova tonymiceli Book page
Comping tonymiceli Book page
Comping Short Etudes tonymiceli Story
Double Stop Accompaniment tonymiceli Story