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Giovanni Perin plays On green Dolphin Street (C-Eb) 11/07/15
Giovanni Perin European 6et plays "Conversation With Dave" Live @ Musikè 11/03/15
On Green Dolphin Street (C-Eb) solo version by Giovanni Perin (Transcribed) 10/26/15
APInstrument Alessandro Pellegrino Mallets 10/17/15
Giovanni Perin Plays "Metti una sera a cena" (Morricone) w. Oirquartett 10/17/15
Somewhere over the rainbow Vibes Solo Transcription 09/22/15
Stella By Starlight solo arrangement explained 08/31/15
Vibes etude: Rebuilt (Giovanni Perin) 05/22/15
Prelude Etude (Giovanni Perin) 04/18/15
Connect Chords Using Common tones 04/08/15
Giovanni Perin Plays Rhythm a ning with "Oirquartett" 02/22/15
TANGO ETUDE: Oblivion (A. Piazzolla) arranged by Giovanni Perin 02/20/15
Rhythm Changes: Coltrane Changes 01/16/15
Rhythm Changes: Modal Playing 01/08/15
Rhythm changes: Alternative B Section Changes 01/08/15
Rhythm Changes: Bebop Changes 01/08/15
Rhythm changes: Harmonic Introduction 01/03/15
White Christmas: Giovanni's vibes solo 12/25/14
Merry xmas!!! 12/25/14
Giovanni Perin Vibes Clinic: Canberra University (Australia) 12/18/14
White Christmas: Giovanni Perin Vibes Solo 12/11/14
bobby hutcherson mallet 12/09/14
"Conversation with Dave": Giovannni Perin European 6et 12/05/14
Giovanni Perin European 6et Plays BRECKER'S TUNE 12/05/14
13 BLUES LICKS you have to know!!!! 12/01/14
Genesis on marimba 10/30/14
Genesis on Vibes 10/30/14
All The Things Harmonic Etude 10/24/14
Three Note Voicings 2nd Part by Giovanni Perin 10/01/14
Comping while playing with other harmonic instruments 09/22/14
Three note voicings 1st Part by "Giovanni Perin" 09/20/14
Vibes solo: SONG FOR BILL (Giovanni Perin) 07/06/14
How to practice tunes 04/30/14
Giovanni Perin Vibes Solo: Everything I Love 03/28/14
IM - Comping with an ostinato 03/25/14
IM - Ostinato pedal: "A sunny day in berlin town" 03/23/14
ideas for playing the turnaround 01/27/14
Triton substitution 01/26/14
Giovanni Perin Quartet feat. Fabrizio Bosso: Roma nun fa' la stupida Stasera 01/15/14
Bud Powell Voicing by Giovanni Perin 11/24/13
small bars and large bars 11/01/13
Giovanni Perin Australian quartet 10/16/13
PASIC 09/13/13
Giovanni Perin with Chat Noir - Limehouse Blues 05/02/13
Pentatonics Part 1 04/09/13
Pentatonics Part 2 04/09/13
Giovanni Perin practising Giant steps 03/20/13
Falling in Love With Love by Giovanni Perin 02/20/13
Giovanni Perin European 4et: orlando furioso 02/18/13
Giovanni Perin European 4et: Friends' club 02/09/13
Giovanni Perin Trio: Darn that dream 02/09/13