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Texas Hoedown for vibes and tenor saxophone 07/05/18 Audio Player
tote - Peace - Part IV (last part) 06/17/18 Video Upload
TOTM - Peace - Part III 06/10/18 Video Upload
TOTM - Peace - David Friedman Performs Peace 06/04/18 Video Embed
totm - Peace - Part II 05/26/18 Video Upload
TOTM - Peace - Part I 05/16/18 Video Upload
Thursday Lines 04/14/18 Video Embed
Thursday Lines 04/13/18 Video Embed
Green Dolphin Street in six 04/11/18 Audio Player
LOVER - great tune for practicing II - V 's 04/02/18 Video Upload
Ona's Lullaby 03/29/18 Video Embed
so, how important is your mallet choice? - a Milt Jackson story 03/27/18 Video Upload
let's reverse the time exercise 03/15/18 Video Upload
still working on my time - more advanced version 03/08/18 Video Upload
Emily - Playing A Ballad (From Simple to Advanced) 02/28/18 Video Upload
that's how I work on my time 02/23/18 Video Upload
classical warm up (one of my favorite warm ups) 02/13/18 Video Upload
TOTM - Flamenco Sketches - practice your solo-vibes chops - by David Friedman 02/08/18 Video Upload
give your voicings more character - David Friedman Lesson 01/25/18 Video Upload
Linear warm up improv 01/22/18 Audio Player
David Friedman's Announcement! (Joins Malletech!) 01/20/18 Video Embed
Freddie Green Style - By David Friedman 01/20/18 Video Upload
clarifying legato and marcato sticking 01/10/18 Video Upload
Phrasing Part 5 -Slur Effect - QDV by David Friedman 10/31/17 Video Upload
Phrasing Part 4 -Double Sticking - QDV by David Friedman 10/30/17 Video Upload