Pinzin Kinzin by Holger Denckmann

Hello everyone! Here is something for the odd meter addicts! From my point of view the "Gently Disturbed" album by Avishai Cohen is one of the best JazzTrio albums from the past decade! I hope you liked what we made of it by adding the vibes. If you have the feeling that I am always playing the same - fast forward to 3:45 where I am soloing over those crazy meter changes...Have fun with the 9/16, 9/16, 9/16, 5/16 feel within a 4/4 meter!
I attached the score . for the "better" understanding : )

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thanks Holger,
I've watched your videos already a few times...I love it !
you guys play really well together, and your solo really builds up.

I practice framedrum over it, with 2+2+2+3 repeated 3times and then 2+3,it really flows.

Thanks again for the score and explanations !


Well you blew my mind :-). Thanks for including the score -- much easier to figure out that way. During your solo you appear to be feeling it in 4 with the rhythm section doing strange accents, but during the rest how are you feeling it? Four with accents or 9-9-9-5?

Tom P.

hey tp - thanks for taking the time (in the truest sense of the word) to dig into the world of Avishai Cohen! Yes you are right, I think it in four but believe me - all the worked out 4/4 licks do not really work out on this one - that's why I practiced each chord/scale/fragment on its own - they are either 4/16 or 5/16s long - and basicly that is the secret of all the music of Avishai Cohen. It is always groups of four and five mixed all over the place! It is not so hard to play it on your own with the recording, but the work goes into getting it together with the band! Well, we still work on it : )

It's nice to know how you're feeling the head too. I was singing it after watching it and was having trouble knowing if the 5-sixteenth note grouping was coming out right. I suspect that I was turning the 9/16 (4-5) into 5/8 (2-3). But by feeling it in 4 it's easier to see that the 5 group is getting exactly 5 sixteenths.

Great stuff! Keep it up :-).

Tom P.

not much more to say, cheers Stefan


Beautiful job, man! I agree with you that "Gently Disturbed" is one of the best recordings of the last decade. I heard that trio at the Red Sea Jazz Festival 2 years ago, playing this music, and it blew my mind. This is some very complex and gorgeous music. Avishai, Mark and Shai just tear it up. You guys really sound good here playing "Pinzin Kinzin" - not easy, that's for sure! And I have to say ... it really sounds great with vibes (well, with YOU, anyway!). My compliments to all of you guys - you're dealing!!!


hey joe! Thank you so much for your support! I thought you like Avishai's music! And that you like our performance makes me happy!
Have you had a listen to the recording I gave you last time we met? Anyway, it is always great to get feedback from you! JazzBaltica RedSea Jazzfestival... I hope one day I will have played in half of the festivals in my life you feature in one year! Man! So far so good! Thank you so much and keep an eye on me : )
btw - I carried the desire to start learning the soprano sax eversince I saw Tim Garland perform in Hannover in spring. This week I had my first lesson... but I won't post that : )

I wasn't able to find the score, did you remove the attachment, I wanted to play this with
my jazz combo.

If you ever record this on CD, let me know. I would love to play it on my radio show, Good Vibes, dedicated to the vibraphone.
What a great sound and a great tune.
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