Feb. 25th Mini Concert

Tony Miceli
Carolyn Stallard
Roger Gaumond

Post your mini concerts for Feb. 25th, 2017 below. Put the links in, I'll embed the videos.

I LOVE MINI concerts. They are for everyone to participate and it's a virtual way of coming together. I like this as much as doing a concert in a theatre. I'm pretty shy and introverted but this is such a cool community thing that I just love seeing everybody play.

Roger who picked up the vibes by walking into one of my workshops and saying 'I've never played vibes before, what do I do'. Think about that and listen to him play. it's incredible. I think he has more gigs than me now btw!

Carolyn I met at a workshop also. She gives us a nice smile before she starts playing. I LOVE THE C F G thing she did on the bridge. I never thought of that! That's great! Listen to Carolyn's time. It's great! I love listening to play with good time play. They can be at any level. Good time means you have something that's presentable to an audience.

More people will join in I think. I'll keep posting their stuff as they submit it.

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Hello Dan !!! What a pleasure to see you again playing. Such a musicality !
One of the very best vibist of West Coast ! :-)

dan is really working his butt off. he's becoming a serious serious player! he sounds good huh? he's really fun to teach and talk with! check out his vids people.

tres golpes - wow you have worked hard on that! it sounds great. aren't you glad you did this. it's really a good practice!

My Romance, Rogers and Hart
381:508 Chris Burchard

Mark, was this played on the new "love vibes" ? Has a real mellow sound. Don't think I have heard the Burchard song played before. Nice.

Thanks, Roger. Yes, that's my LoveVibe (I can barely bring myself to say/type that). I I'm not quite proficient yet with the vibrato pedal, so I left that disengaged for this recording. Chris Burchard is a good friend of mine from school, and one of the best composers I know.

great stuff mark! what is the second tune? that's the name of it? is there a story behind it. you sound really good. the second piece is very calming!

The second tune is named "381:508". It's a ratio, and equates to 3:4, which is meant to represent 3/4 time (although time signature as such aren't really ratios). I think the composition was for an Advanced Harmony class assignment when we were at Berklee. I don't recall the details of the assignment, but I do remember it significant that the tune does not start on the I chord, and it contains some parallel chord structures.

just love your playing ! It's got everything in it. Sound, voicings, melody, phrasing, time, technique, soul. Just perfect.