UN promises self-driving intelligent cars

I can't wait for these cars! Finally, I can sleep on the way home from the gig!


It's called "a horse".

My grandfather always used to kid about how he never got lost or had an accident coming home from drinking on his horse. Drop the reins and the horse knows where you live and will get there without a headon collision with another horse. :)

:o)))))) !

I'd love to own a musical instrument that can load itself into one of these cars, play the gig, collect the check, and drive itself home and unload. I would be watching television the entire time and prefer that my instrument not wake me up when it lets itself into my basement after the gig.

I know Nico's next vibes: an instrument that can 'fold' at the back of the car/van as easily as an ambulance stretcher!! :o)
Go Nico!! See, we have plenty ideas for you!! ;-)
- M

I would love to be able to either sleep or play while on the way, thats all I have to say.