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7th International Competition for Percussion - (Including Vibes of Course) antonio santangelo
Allemande - Lesson By Phillipe Macé 8 Philippe Mace
Berkeley High School Jazz Combo "A" BarryK
Blues For Queen D 5 MNNB
Christos Rafalides on Harmony Ensemble of NY performing Henry's Mancini's "Soft Sound" from "Peter Gunn" 1 dimitris
Friedman Etude No. 9 by Jon Letsky (sight Reading) 1 Jon Letsky
Giovanni Perin Masterclass @ Toronto University (Part 4) giovanniperin
I Wish.... 6 tonymiceli
Improv Concepts on Bb Rhythm Changes (Bird's Anthropology) ed saindon
Joe Locke's New Online Music Store 6 TomMarcello
Karn Evil 9 by Tony Miceli & University of the Arts 'Z' Big Band 14 tonymiceli
london vibes rent for a gig 2 arturo serra
M55 - Gig Bags 19 Randy
Raphael Meinhart and trio "Caribe" 3 David Friedman
Richard Galliano and old school french vibist Philippe Macé tifoo
Special offer for VW'ers in the New York area 1 Tylerblanton
Tony Miceli & Sy Platt by Swingin' Marimba tonymiceli
UN promises self-driving intelligent cars 5 tonymiceli
Vibe players Earn NOT $100.00 but $150.00 practicing and learning! 37 Piper
Vibesworkshop welcomes the University of Delaware and their percussion students 2 tonymiceli
Voicing of the Day (VOD) Major 7 Chord - in Fourths 1 tonymiceli
" The Color of Jazz" internet radio show. featuring hawaiian based Vibist Thomas Mackay tmackay
"...And he loved his brother till the end" 8 David Friedman
"26-2" Anthony Smith Quartet Live at Subculture (w/Kevin Hays) 2 anthonysmith