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Don't Know What To Practice? tonymiceli
Was Messing Around With This tonymiceli
TOTM - Peace - Etude 3 - One Chorus - Chord Study tonymiceli
TOTM - Peace - Etude 2 - One Chorus tonymiceli
TOTM - Peace - Etude 1 - One Chorus tonymiceli
TOTM - Peace - Me Messing Around With 3rds and 6ths tonymiceli
TOTM - Peace - 6 - The 9th of the half diminished chords tonymiceli
TOTM - Peace - 5 - Messing With the Harmony tonymiceli
Quasimodo For Dan (Or Anyone) Trading Choruses tonymiceli
TOTM - Peace - 4 - Scales and putting them together tonymiceli
TOTM - Peace - 3 - Melody and Bass Notes in Different Keys tonymiceli
TOTM - Peace - 2 - Melody and Bass Notes Only (Even if you are great) tonymiceli
TOTM - Peace - 1 - The Melody is Always First! Learn It! tonymiceli
TOTM - Have You Met Miss Jones - Transcribe This tonymiceli
TOTM - Have You Met Miss Jones - Chord Guide tonymiceli
TOTM - Peace - Harmony - Stream of Consciousness tonymiceli
Thoughts On Ostinato's tonymiceli
Thoughts on 25s Part 2 tonymiceli
You're Everything - Practicing Slowly! tonymiceli
Thoughts On Practicing 2 5 1 Licks tonymiceli
Off Topic but Not - Absolutely Amazing! tonymiceli
Great Improv Exercise tonymiceli
Uarts Listening Project tonymiceli
Cool Progression to Practice Through the Keys. You've Hear It A Million Times. tonymiceli
Check Out the Grip tonymiceli
Julian Lange Can Show Teach Us Something tonymiceli
Mark The Tune tonymiceli
Diminished Altered Idea tonymiceli
Simple Chord Exercise (Make it sound good) tonymiceli
Let's Talk Numbers tonymiceli