Sticks and Strings - Joe Locke

What a cool CD. Everything from the sound of the vibes and the pieces and then the playing. Totally rocks! On the tune Appointment for Ovieto Kriesberg and Joe blow over Giant Steps Changes and it's SMOKIN'! The sound of the vibes is beautiful and Joe's playing is great!

My student and contributor over at brought this over and I listened to a little and totally dug it. So it hit the amazon downloads section and had it that night! The digital age is GREAT!!!


The more I listen to this CD, the more I wonder if it's not my favorite of Joe Locke...

I wrote some little kind of review about it on You can read it there:

BUT... don't buy it from Amazon at $26.99!!! Just go on Joe's site: it's $15.90!! ;o)



this is a beautiful cd.

s k y p e: tjazzvibe
i c h a t: tonymiceli

Getting back on the "Appointment in Orvieto" tune, it's among the favorite of my 7 year old son! He loves the "bebop" part!
Who said Jazz was an elitist music! :o)