Temple University Summer Workshop July 10-15, 2017

6 Day Workshop

Philly Workshop!! Featuring Tony Miceli, Behn Gillece, Anthony Smith, Adam Pfannenstiel and more!

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U.S. Workshop

Temple University, Philadelphia, PA

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The Temple workshop is a very intense, exciting and fun 6 day workshop. You will learn from the top vibe players in the country and have time each day to practice. You'll also come home with a ton of information to continue your students. This is our 10th anniversary of this East coast workshop. There will be plenty of instruments to practice.


Boyer College of Music and Dance
Presser Hall
2001 North 13th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19122


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Time Class
9:30AM Voicing Bootcamp
10:00AM Master Class
11:30PM Lunch and Practice Time
1:30pm Afternoon Masterclass
3:30PM Break
6:00PM Evening Jazz Class


There are 3 locations for lodging right on the campus, very close to the school. Besides this it's very easy to get to the school vibe the Broad Street Subway System. The campus where the music school is located is a very safe campus.

The first location is the Conwell Inn 1 block from the school.

Conwell Inn

Click here for the website.

1940 Residence Hall

1940 Residence hall is a dorm facility housing only students under 18. In addition there is an RA and vibesworkshop.com will have a chaperone at the dorm. Click here for more information

Morgan Hall

Morgan hall is for all students over 18. Also close to Boyer College. Click here for more information

Here is a map with the Lodging and the Boyer College of Music.