Pat and Bose are we becoming extinct?

This is about Bose speakers but look what is set up behind vibers and drummers oh oh



I suppose we become extinct only if we choose to become dinosaurs.

I own the Bose L1 system although I only can barely afford one instead of Pat's twelve columns. It's pretty much everything Pat says it is, plus it's one heck of a living room system when it's not being used on a gig. It takes about 10 minutes or less to set the whole thing up.

Cool John would love that system for mine as well use bose for giggin for the past 15 yrs the 802's which are just great


I think my dream system would be Nico's Evibe, the Bose LS1, and TC Electronics signal processors(huge fan of TC-Electronics). Does the LS1 have a line out to go directly to a mixing console in case you have to play in larger venues?

Todd Canedy
Don't stop asking until you understand. Once you understand constantly confirm it.


The Bose LS-1 is the original and older model of the newer L1 Model 2 system which is what I have. The difference is that the mixer is not inside the stand, which makes the newer system lighter and more portable.

Yes, there is a line-out to go directly into a larger mixing console. There is also a line-in so you can plug a larger mixing console into the Bose. Plus, there is a line-out on the Tone Match Audio Engine, which is the fancy mixer that you can get as an additional item (you'll often see it clamped on to the pole halfway down the length). What is really cool about this mixer is that you can program all of your stuff at home - EQ, effects, reverb, etc. and the mixer remembers everything so all you have to do on the gig is just plug in and you're set to go. Maybe you'll tweak it just a little for the particular stage, but overall it's all pre-programmed.

The main reason I bought one is because I'm getting old and tired, and running all those floor wires really makes me reeeeeally cranky, not to mention having to haul tripod stands and having to lift speakers up onto those tripods. The Bose eliminated all of that, and one trip from the car gets everything inside.

I don't know if the bar impact from an Evibe or even the K&K would be too much - never tried it. I've always liked the Roland Jazz Chorus 120 when I played with pickups, but I can't lift the Roland anymore so I've gone acoustic now.