Tons Going Up!

There's a lot happening here these days.
Another Joe Locke lesson, just went up. Intros part 2. I'm copping it, going to use on my gigs and take FULL credit when someone says, 'Man hip intro'!!!! :-)
I put up a video of an etude I'm working on. It's based on Cherokee and it's just way too hard!!! I want to get it down before I post it. It's coming along!
There was a great discussion with David Friedman and the rest of us about improvising. Man he wrote a BEAUTIFUL blog about what improvising means to him and how it ties in with his life. Also he hangs out on the site all the time!
There's a Percussion Geeks episode by Gina Ferrera talking about playing the Gyil. That's an ancient relative of ours!! This is a great vidcast!
There's a set of Deagon's for sale! Check the forums! They go from C to C, it's really cool!
And oh man, this guy restored a Musser Century. Wait till you see the photos.

There's an audio and a video track from my recent concert with Diane Monroe. The concert was live and online recently. James Shipp a subscriber is the percussionist in the band. Man he sounded GREAT!!!

We were talking about a cd that vibist Chris Dingman was on. Chris posted a track and a chart. Wait till you see this chart. Oh man, no site reading there! Practice!
David Friedman put up his leadsheet to "Lunch with Pancho Villa", it's a beautiful tune. We have the youtube vid up on the site. But if you want just go to youtube and put the title in!
Piper's cranking out the eartraining! We're thinking about doing an ear training course. A lot of subscribers are into it!

We are working so HARD to really make a site that is of value to all of us. A place where we can all learn and grow. I'm really excited to be part of it! Where else can you hang and talk with Joe Locke, John Piper, Ed Saindon, David Friedman and many others!
If you're not a subscriber, please consider it. We all feel it's worth it and your financial help, will help the site grow. And believe you'll totally get your money's worth! This is quickly becoming a great community!