Stride Vibes, Chordal Playing and more


First things first. Thanks to anyone who showed up at the VMR (Virtual Mallet Roundtable). Those of you who were there saw the problems we had. The bandwidth problems were a total drag. I've teamed up with Mario over at Alternate Mode and we're just going to keep working on this and try and work it out. Any video whizzes out there?

Welcome to the new subscribers on the site. I appreciate your support. I have spent hundreds if not a couple thousand hours on this site and am still spending hours down here (the studio is in my basement). It's a lot of fun to make this website site, but it's cutting into alot of other things. Your support helps.

I posted up a few new lessons. One was an overhead shot of me playing Blue Bossa as a solo piece and as simply as I could play it. I tried to illustrate several concepts of solo playing. I'm of the less is better school, even if I don't always follow that rule ;-).

The other was a 6 part lesson on stride playing. Then I just ran the cameras and talked about chordal playing and a couple different techniques. This was pretty much on the fly but I thought it was good enough to post. This is a 4 part lesson.

Keep an eye out for the next Virtual Mallet Roundtable. Any pros out there, let me know if you're going to be there and we'll play any of your youtube vids you have. All we ask is that you're online when we do it. You can talk about the piece, plug whatever and whoever. The VMR is a video stream with a chat room. Myself and Mario are hoping that we get a bunch of you guys online when we do the VMR and we can all talk, trade ideas and all other mallet related things!