New Stuff On

I've added a bunch of stuff on the site and thought I would update everyone.

First of all, if you've been on the site, you've seen John Piper hanging out. He said he's having a ball posting and leaving comments. I think he's recording his 'Without a Page' Etude on thursday and should post that soon. I'm pretty sure the etude is on the site or going to be. I always bring this up, but John is a Firefighter when he's not playing the vibes. The point being, is he's a total team player, he's in it for the cause. That is whether it's fighting a fire or hanging out on the site. I really appreciate that and appreciate him for that. We're pretty lucky to have him on the site.

He's been checking out content that subscribers have been putting up and giving some detailed comments in response. I know they're thrilled to have those comments and advice.


Also I posted a Gyil performance that I videoed tonight in my house. Dan Grolin and Gina Ferrara came over and recorded several episodes of Percussion Geeks. So since this is a mallet website I thought, hey I'll give us a sneak preview of the future podcasts. That's for members. Do you know what a Gyil is? It's the ancient ancient ancestor of the vibes/marimba, so check out that performance.


Also for all members is my performance of my etude 'Vince Guaraldi'. I didn't actually play the 'chart' but instead did my own thing but you'll get an idea of the etude! Subscribers get that actual lessons that I'm posting around this etude.

For the subscribers I started analyzing the piece in an audio lesson. I went over the first 3 chords and how and why they fit together. Subscribers also get the lead sheet and the etude. I'm going to write a solo chorus also and post that. That will be a good opportunity for subscribers to check out some 4 mallet ways of playing solo.

We're working hard at to keep great content coming your way. We appreciate the moral and active support of all our members but we especially appreciate those of you who have taken that additional step and become subscribers (thank you). We had to upgrade our bandwidth this week because we're burning through it at lightening speed and as you know, more band width means more dollars to keep it going. If you haven't done so, please consider becoming a subscriber. Where else can you get this kind of information for only 19.95 per month?

John and I both thank you for your support!