New Lesson by John Piper!

Those of you might have come to the website over the weekend and seen that we were down.

Our servers are near Galveston, TX where hurricane Ike hit. The servers were fine but the main and back up air conditioning systems went down. If you know anything about server farms (rooms full of computers leading to the internet) it takes a lot of cooling and control of the air in the room. Those rooms get VERY VERY hot and without proper care the computers would overheat! With the main an backup systems down, they needed to shut the servers off.

My partner Stephen Hambright who is a great percussionist and computer 'cat' also owns the ISP company where our servers are. He did a great job and stayed on top of things and the systems came back up this morning. If you want great web hosting go to Steve also does web design! Email him if you have any questions at

Meanwhile not to far from the hurricane in Dallas, TX the one and only John Piper was preparing lessons and comments for the website. I see a new lesson on Tritone Substitutions up on the site. So check it out.

In case you don't know who John Piper is.... He's the inventor of the Musser Piper vibes. He's an incredible vibe player, and his solo playing is spectacular. Also he's incredibly articulate and thought provoking. So keep an eye out for more stuff by John.

Leave him a comment on the lesson and welcome him if you can!