A Lot Is Happening!

Yo fellow vibists!

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This is really becoming a site by the cats for the cats! I love that motto. It's our site, the players. It's a very independent site run by very independent players with a lot of very independent players hanging out!

What are your thoughts about the site? email me tony@tonymiceli.com

Things are busy over at www.vibesworkshop.com. I'm seeing lots of great players hanging out and leaving comments. The response to Joe Locke has been incredible, and I've seen professors Like Mike Blake, players like Dave Friedman and Ed Saindon hanging out. That is so cool. It's like meeting up at some club somewhere and seeing all these vibe players hanging out and talking. That's our vision!

When Joe's at home you'll see him online hanging with Ed, and Dave and anyone else talking about vibes and the biz! But he travels alot!

I put another Joe Locke lesson up. I put one of his performances up for members! So check that out. I have a bunch of video from Joe that's going up each week. Man I'm watching Joe's video and learning SO much. What a guy and what a teacher! AND WHAT A PLAYER!

John Piper has been posting a TON. Also, a great teacher and player! And so articulate, he's always emailing and saying 'Tony, you can say that better'. 'Tony, fix all that spelling!'. He's still having a ball on the site. He's leaving lots of comments, helping where ever he can. I'm psyched with his involvement on the site!

University Professors and Students!

We're now thinking about online courses for Universities and High Schools. There's enough material up here to put some things like that together with ease. We're also putting together online workshops and masterclasses. How about a day of mallets where you don't have to pay any hotel fees or plane fairs! How about an online course where students are critiqued by our faculty. That's where we're heading and we'd love to hear from you!

We can work out group rates!
Students tell your teachers to get in touch with me! (tony@tonymiceli.com)

Here are some of the new things up on the site:

There's a lot going on for subscribers. Many ways to learn!

Intros Part 1 by Joe Locke

Joe Locke's performance from his lesson. He's playing "She's Always a Woman to Me"
Subscribers can see the whole lesson.

Patty Franchescy blogged about hand injuries and practicing

Tony put up a cool dominant chord lick and audio explanation:

Tony put up "10 Things Nobody Ever Told You About Playing the Vibes!"

Tjaco has been talking about practice routines!