Joe Locke Videos are Up

The vibe faculty at is now headed up by Joe Locke followed by John Piper, Tony Miceli, Tjaco Oostid (Holland), Patricia Franceschy (Mexico), and Behn Gillece.

I had a great day recently. I spent it with Joe Locke, whom I've always known and loved as a player. But to hang with him and talk and listen to his stories was an incredible experience. I play vibes and gig and all the rest of it. I'm a professional vibes player. But Joe is a musical ambassador and he's really good at it. I learned so much from talking on the phone and hanging out for a whole day with him.

And now you all can too because subscribers will see some of his videos coming on the site each week! And its great stuff.

Besides that Ed has joined the site. He's now online. He's hanging out now and chatting with everyone! In fact I see John Piper also! They're all listening to Joe's Video I just Posted. Check out the log, you'll get a kick out of it. You can read through all the comments.

Besides all that great news, John Piper has been just about living on the site, commenting with students, putting up lessons and a lot more. He's building an incredible online book!

I've put my performance of the etude I wrote titled 'Vince Guaraldi'.

And there's a lot of student contributions also. Remember you have to be a subscriber to see everything. We need the support to really do some cool vibes stuff here. It's not like a guitar site there are not many of us even in the world, so consider supporting us!