Etudes Etudes Etudes!

Phew, I'm finding all these etudes I wrote a while back. They look challenging. I must have written them out for students while we were working on different aspects of vibe playing.

There's one based on a blues where the left hand only comps quarter notes, the right plays the melody and solo and only for 1 bar do they work together. This would be a great solo for studying independence.

There's a salsa etude that's based on the time when I was playing with pianist Elio Villafranca from Cuba. I used to set up near his piano and cop all his comping! He's a great piano player. REALLY great.

Oh yeah, there's on based on Joy Spring I just put up. That's pretty difficult.

I found a folder on my drive from when I was working on a book so I have a ton of stuff to go through! Get ready!