David Friedman Talks About Making Dampening and Pedaling!

Lot's of stuff happening at www.vibesworkshop.com! 'By the Cats For the Cats'. I love that saying. Larry Mckenna said that about the other site I run and dedicated to him(www.larrysimprovpage.com).

Another Joe Locke Lesson

Joe Locke posted Intros 2 (did i already mention this?) It's a big hit for a lot of players. I guess subscribers who are working things out on the instrument appreciate the directness of the Joe's teaching. He just lays out the the intro for everybody. Man, I had an overhead view, but my cam died!!

I should have another Joe Locke lesson up ASAP!

Dave Friedman Talks About Making Dampening and Pedaling!

I thought I'd send this out. I think it's really cool! Dave Friedman wrote a blog about Making the Dampening and Pedaling book. I LOVED reading it mainly because I love Friedman's playing and I LOVE THE BOOK!

You know he mentioned making a part 2! Wouldn't that be really cool!!

If you want the book you can get it here:

Ear Training

John is cranking out the ear training exercises! That's getting a lot of hits. Yep, we need good ears to play! He also posted a Cyberstreet performance of Wave. His idea is get it so we all post quick and dirty performances! Quality doesn't matter and the idea is you just took your vibes out onto the street and you have to play. What would come out??? If you want subscribe to his newsletter. He's going to start sending out his own newsletter and let you know what he's up to. Log in here www.vibesworkshop.com/user and at the bottom of the page, you'll see Manage "My Subscriptions".

The Modes In Detail

I'm posting a series where I talk in a little detail about each mode of the major scale.
I plan on doing the melodic minor next. Can you take any starting note and play each mode in a row without stoppin? I mean C ionian, C dorian, C phrygian... etc. etc...

The Gyil and the Balafon

There's an amazing conversation going on about the Gyil and the Balafon. Tifoo who subscribes to the site found some GREAT VIDEO. It all started when I posted video by Philly Gyil player Gina Ferrera talking all about the Gyil, which is our ancestor to the vibraphone! This started some really cool discussions! You talk about two mallet independence! These guys are amazing. Check this one out. I've watched it 20 times now! I'm even trying to contact him and maybe do a podcast or something!

Can You Review Percussion Geeks on Itunes?

I also asked if any of you could hit itunes and give our Percussion Geeks podcast and hopefully good review!! Just get into the store and search for Percussion Geeks.