This is An Amazing Discussion

We're having this incredible discussion here and I thought I'd open it up a little. If you're a member you'll be able to check out one of my lessons called 'Intro to Licks'. It's not the lesson that's amazing, it's the discussion (comments) that the great young vibe player Mike Pinto started.

He brought up the frustration of his peers sounding like someone else instead of themselves. I think he believes that maybe studying licks has something to do with it and he gently brought up the discussion. It really took off and there are a lot of people weighing in on it, including John Mark Piper, Joe Locke, Mike Pinto, Tjaco, me, and others. Dave Friedman wrote me today that he'll get in on it soon. I hope Ed Saindon does also.

Here's the link:

It's a fullaccess lesson, but I changed it for member access so members can get involved with the discussion. I'm personally curious to hear from all of you and see what you think. I've had these discussions before and the opinions vary from extreme to extreme and all in the middle!

Here's a little commercial:
This is the kind of stuff that's happening on the subscriber side of the site. Besides wanting to share this with you all, I'm hoping a discussion like this will inspire some of you to subscribe to the site and really get involved with learning the vibes with the rest of us. I really believe that the better we all get, the better it is for us as well as the instrument. Kind of makes sense doesn't it?