The Lightest Frame in the World? (news from Angelo)

Here's the latest from Angelo and the light frame. I'll link to the video here, however I'm trying to get the video to post directly on the site!

Tony, I have just taken the first videos of my new modern vibraphone frame design, about 70 % completion. Click on each video, there will be a pause while the pictures are getting into positon for viewing and listen to my description of the relative assemblies to the right of display screen.

Joe Cifelli, the fine machinist will be holding the relative components while I describe the step-in-process. We put everything together so that I could test the working capacity and after minor adjustments, Joe will put the finishing procedures prior to painting. The entire base frame/keybed will be painted black and you will have the bars and resonators in silver.

Tony, this modification is the answer to all vibraphonists and in a couple of days I will send videos of the completed process and I will be playing the instrument this weekend.
I believe that you will be able to pass this information on to all of your contacts and workshop. We vibists have been putting a lot of money out to all of the name brands unnecessarily (I have purchased 18 sets over the years).
Every vibraphonist that has a working set of bars, in tune, can contact Joe Cifelli, take the current instrument to his shop and then sit down and develop a personal modern appearance, using as many of the original parts on the respective vibes and ony have to purchase the ligtweight aluminum materials as required.

Tony, review the pictures and send me your comments. I'll send the final finished painted completion videos.

Best to you, Angelo 5:55 P.M.


I think this could be awesome. Make it fold in half or collapse and I am ALL ON BOARD! I mean seriously he picks it up with 1 finger and it seems fairly stable as he is playing it. You could strap this to your back and wheel the bars in some luggage and it would be amazing.


I'm really interested in how this could be portable. Its light but it would be great if it it could fold up a little bit. It would be awesome if you could just fold it out and have it basically set up. I've always wanted to carry my instrument on my back!
-Joe Doubleday

Now if that vibe would just fold up for transport, it would seem they have an enormous advantage over all other vibes. Wow!! However, I would like to have seen the keybed put on the frame and then pick it up for comparison. How much weight did the keybed add; seems easy to handle but comparisons were not equal in that sense. Yamaha keybed and frame against Angelo's frame only. Having said that, it still seems like a whole lot of weight has been eliminated.


p.s. what is this called: Cidelli-Viglio vibe??

I got the name Cidelli off your video site. But his name is really Cifelli, right??


angelo j. vaglio

Bruce, you are right. The names are not Cidelli and Viglio.
They are Vaglio and Cifelli.
Any other comments regarding frame changes or other concerns about "vibes" that you'd like to discuss?


angelo j. vaglio

Joe, please send me your suggestion on your transporting the vibes and we certainly make design modifications wo satisfy your particular need.

Stay in touch'


I wonder if anyone has considered using the Bose concepts for the resonators to make them much smaller?

I also like the eVibe concept with no resonators.

Todd Canedy
Don't stop asking until you understand. Once you understand constantly confirm it.

angelo j. vaglio

Mike, I transformed my Yamaha YV2700 Studio set into this design and reduced the weight by almost 50%, and lost all of the swaying as I pressed down on the footpedal.
If you send me your suggestions for other changes/additons, please let me know and I'll get back to you. (Since 1937, I have purchased 18 vibraharp/vibraphones).


"(Since 1937, I have purchased 18 vibraharp/vibraphones)."

We have a winner in the category of "Most vibraphones ever purchased by a single human being." So what happened to all of them? We're dying to know.

Bob Wesner

dr. bob is right, what happened to them ? 18 sets. i've never sold or given away any of mine. i have 4

Tony Miceli (new)
s k y p e: tjazzvibe

angelo j. vaglio

Let's start out with, "how many cars does a person buy in a life time if he uses the car for business, work, etc., plus why so many rentals? Let's go back to the very first car put into production assembly by Henry Ford. The Model "T' Ford, then the model "A" Ford then the modifications every year that made riding so much more comfortable, safer and gas consumption better along with reduced smoking mufflers, etc. People were trading in their vehicles every year for these "meaningful changes".

People were always geared to make life better, make appearanmce changes with new style clothes, etc., to maintain their jobs, plus seek new positions that paid better salaries.
Well, the same has always been with the musician that had very little money to purchase a starting instrument, so he had to purchase one (with a decent sound), that might "just keep him working" with the rest of the band/group.

Now let's figure in the "era" and age of the musician, plus, how much has he learned from his teachers so that he had enough knowledge and experience to work with groups that were popular and working steadily. Remember, it isn't until you reach a feeling of "confidence", that you can advance in any field of life. But, how can you perform any job without the proper "dress-appearance, well-known tools and transportation?".
If you drive up to a booking agent with a junk, they will never send you to a nice country club, hotel, etc.

I don't know how old you are, but I will tell you that I am 93 years of age and still working (for the past 8 years, Friday/Saturdays) at a reputable restaurant playing solo vibes. Most of my life found me working two or three different jobs to pay the bills.
Iept buying good used vibes until I was able to get new sets.
Because I maintained the appearance and had the proper instruments, I always was called to perform with all types of groups (averaging 15/20 gigs a month for years along with my "materials management" day jobs in the electronic and space fields. Many times the Union would tell me to go to the Old Meadowbrook,(Cedar grove, N.J.) to intermission the big bands, and play with a couple of guys. Just before they closed the place, I had intermissioned Stan Kenton's group.

With every new vibraphone that I have purchased for the past 13 years, I have had joe Cifell, my machinist work with me in modifying each respective instrument so as to reduce the weight. I found an old 1977 letter last week from Hal Trommer, Deagan's sales manager in Chicago who told me to checkout Mike Mainieri's upcoming new recording using this model.

In my list of new vibes, I purchased one of the few made "TAMA' vibes, Most of the Deagan models up to the Deagan Commander 598 (with transducers on every bar, that I sold to Band leader Joe Carson, a fine vibist), one early Musser and finally got Yamaha brand models because they took over the Deagan bars!

So, in conclusion, back around 1937, the vibraharp/vibraphone was introduced in the stores ans every year thereafter, they developed new styles, etc. Another reason for trading sets was, many of the sets bars were not always in tune or buzzed. It wasn't until Tony Miceli attended a workshop in the Netherlands and spoke to Nico about my problem. Then Nico and I were emailing back and forth and he gave me the instructions as to tuning my last 7 bars on th YV2700 Yamaha Studio set that I just created the new lightframe on.

I'll be glad to answer any more of your questions!

Just to let you know, we are working on making another design to breaknthe lite frame down into smaller segments for car carrying and trying to get information from site members on how they want a fram made to carry aboard an airplane.

Thanks, Angelo.


Thanks for joining the pool here. All besides the subject matter of the light frame, your storytelling and experience are priceless.

When it comes to carrying something "on board a plane", in Europe we often use Ryanair-baggage limitations as a reference:
Cabin: "no more than 10kg and not exceed the maximum dimensions of 55cm x 40cm x 20cm"(free).
Checked: "maximum 32 kilos and 81cms X 119cms X 119cms"(charged ~20 to 50 euro).

Hard to imagine that somebody could reduce a whole set of vibes including keys to the size of cabin baggage mentioned above, however this reference be might used to distribute and fit weight & sizes of keys & frame between checked and cabin baggage or the dimensions of checked baggage alone.

I hope this can be of some use for US & international flights as well

"put your vibes in that box (of one of the above dimensions) and get free" ... so to speak

Ooh, not why couldn't anybody do this before?? But like Mike says, it still doesn't fold like a 3710..and those resonators still weigh a ton. But the frame looks strong and light!

angelo j. vaglio

Steve, I designed this set for my needs and we can modify this design to accomodate others. as for the "heavy resonators", you're right and we have been working on new concepts. stay in touch.


angelo is not a member of the site. he always asks me to post.

Tony Miceli (new)
s k y p e: tjazzvibe

hi everyone
thanks tony for put the videos
it was a nice advance for vibes . looks like great !!
I have a question the rails ( where are monunted the post) are aluminium too? looks like another material not? I can not see clear on the video) anyone knows it?

What Angelo did not explain in his videos is whether or not the frame is one piece or are components put together. It may not fold, but, are they components??

He is probably terribly excited and did not think to explain in that much detail. Although components are possible, it looks like a one-piece deal. So if you have a van, no problem. Maybe he wants to wait until it is patented to explain further; possible.


i want him to talk about this. hopefully soon!

Tony Miceli (new)
s k y p e: tjazzvibe

angelo j. vaglio

Hi, Bruce. Just to keep you aboard the facts!

Over the past 10 years or so, I have developed various framework modifications for my relative vibes, with Joe Cifelli, a master machinist and as I mentioned, I made this particular frame to satisfy my needs and the result is great. The base frame is one piece and I just take the Keybed (Bars holder) and lay it directly onto the baseframe, place the bars on the keybed and I'm ready to play.
Also, I have a small Chevy HHR that I lowered the back seats and laid a plywood sheet flooring. Using Bunee chords, It's very simple to transport.

Next, Joe and I have been working on plans to make the same frame with more collapsable parts for individuals with passenger cars.

Plus, We are trying to obtain all of the problems for transporting the vibes on airplanes so that we can make a complete set of vibes fit into small luggage bags for carry-on flights.

We welcome all suggestions and will respond to all inquiries.


straight from the man himself, gary burton. his cases are;

Here are the meansurements ( in centimeters since I was sending the info to Japan)

1 - 30 Kilo 84cm X 56cm X 30cm
2- 18 Kilo 84cm X 35cm X 26cm

plus carry-on for bars about 20 kilos

Tony Miceli (new)
s k y p e: tjazzvibe

angelo j. vaglio

Tony, thanks for the dimensions. Converted to pounds & inches:

30 Kilo = -70 lbs 84cm x 56cm x 30cm = 33" x 22.4" x 11.8"

18 Kilo = -40 lbs 84cm x 35cm x 26cm = 33" x 13.5" x 10.2"

20 Kilo = 44 lbs

Do these figures appear about right?


hi all people please if anybody has a m-48 model and go to make any change with joe and angelo about the new frame please contact with me ( angelo knows it too).
I´m interested

I know besides Angelo that there is another fram in the works that might be spectacular also. I'll keep you posted.

Now that I think about it we should be able to get these frames in a regular size suitcase.

Tony Miceli (new)
s k y p e: tjazzvibe